Dog Ear Infection Picture

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Dog Ear Mites Picture
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Dog Ear Mites Pictures
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Dog Ear Mites Photos

Dog Ear Picture
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Dog Ear Infection PhotosPictures Of Dog Ear Mites


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Sarah says:

My little Pitt is going through the same thing, ear mites. I live in a farming community & I have been told to boil H20 seep green tea bags in it & let cool, use this to clean ear as it is a natural antiseptic. Then take virgin olive oil and cut up a clove of garlic into it let soak over nite, drain garlic (make sure its out of oil) & with eye dropper put a few drops into ear before she can shake her head message ear so it gets lubricated. Iam going to try this on Elsie as it is Thanksgiving week & Vet is out of town.

Amy says:

My female Pitt is having the same problem. I took her to the vet and they said its yeast in her ear but that bread is not common to get it typically but she gets it often. Just today her ear is draining red and dark stuff. It looks so painful for her and she keeps shaking her head. If anyone knows what to do to help so I don't have to go to the emergency vet please let me know.

jennifer says:

my female pit has alot of dark colored ear wax in her hear. She trys to scrach it out,shake it out,and it has been so bad that her ears were hot to touch. Now my male pitt is showing slight signs of ear wax and is shaking and every since in a while trys scrac

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